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Pool Excavation

Professional pool builders are needed to excavate a swimming pool. Before beginning any excavation, a pool designer will measure your entire property to guarantee the correct specifications so that the work is done accurately. During the process, they notate elevation changes, soil conditions, and many other factors before applying for a building permit. Following the receipt of building permits, we can begin your pool excavation.

The placement of your pool and equipment is done by our seasoned veteran pool contractors based on the specifications of your plans. The area for your pool excavation will be marked using spray paint. Stakes and wood forms are also used to mark out the complete digging area of the actual excavation site. Pool decking may also be included in the physical layout of your pool area.

Swimming Pool Excavation in Georgia

Before any digging begins in the excavation process of your pool, the contractor will have you inspect and review the plans and specifications beforehand. Excavation crews will have the homeowner approve the dig plan before excavating begins; it’s an essential part of the process. Consequently, it’s quite difficult and expensive to make modifications once the procedure begins. So, assuring that the pool layout is exactly how you want it before digging starts is absolutely vital.

It’s common for residential pools to only take a single day to excavate. However, if you opt for a more complicated design or a larger than average-sized pool, the excavation process could take a couple of days to complete. This is also possible in areas where there are adverse soil conditions (this is where a hard dig becomes necessary).

Pool Construction in Georgia
Excavating Your Inground Pool

In order to dig the hole for a swimming pool, heavy digging machinery will be brought in to handle the job. In some case however, if your yard has a narrow entrance, bringing heavy equipment in may be impossible. In cases such as this, the operation will take an additional 2-3 days and incur higher expenditures if a small bobcat and conveyor belt debris removal method is employed.

Excavation workers will typically use a dump truck to transport the material the same day that we dig. Occasionally, some soil is left behind in order to provide fresh soil for the backfilling process.