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Construction of Inground Pools

Pool Construction is our specialty here at Waterside Pools and Spas. Consequently, we’re here to educate you about the pool construction process. Hopefully, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of what is involved with building a pool. Whether it be a fiberglass pool or concrete pool, many of the aspects of building a pool are similar. However, the similarities are general and many of the phases unique to the construction of concrete pools are vastly different than their fiberglass counterparts. The process for building a concrete pool will take longer to install.

Concrete pools may be made in practically any shape or depth, and they can be made in any size, shape, or depth. Concrete is fired from a gun into steel-reinforced walls to create these pools, which are commonly referred to as Gunite or Shotcrete pools. Plaster or paint is then applied to the pool to give it a textured or tiled finish once the concrete has cured.

Georgia Pool Construction

Concrete pools take longer to build than any other style, but they are the strongest and most long-lasting. It’s very common for concrete pools that are over 50 years old to still be in operation today. Existing concrete pools can be extended, rebuilt, and modernized, unlike other forms of in-ground swimming pools.

As for fiberglass pools, the construction time necessary is typically less than with a concrete pool and the process to install them is simpler. With fiberglass pools, a crane is used to lift the fiberglass pool shell into place in the excavated hole. Because of this, fiberglass pools can be erected more quickly than other types of pools. In as little as 3 days in some cases.

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Pool Construction Costs

It’s impossible to predict how much your pool will cost because of the large range of variables involved, including location, soil conditions, water circulation system, and pool type and size. Depending on the time of year, the ultimate cost of a pool might also be affected by our availability as well.

Typically, concrete pools are the most expensive. Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, might be pricier than a simple concrete pool once you start adding on different features and amenities.