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We are one of the leading pool construction firms in Georgia and a top rated pool installation company servicing Camden County.

Waterside Pool & Spas

For over 35 years Waterside Pools and Spas has set the standard in pool construction, pool design, and pool installation throughout the local area. Responsible for the construction of hundreds of pools and patios in Camden County, we have worked hard to become an industry leader. Our expertise in the field of inground pool construction is known throughout the state. The majority of the work we perform comes via referral from other customers who attest to our abilities as a leading pool construction firm.

Our commitment to our customers means that we are perpetually striving to provide a superior pool installation experience. We know that for many, building a pool is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s why go above and beyond to make sure the experience goes as flawlessly as humanly possible and that the end-product we produce exceeds our customers expectations.


Most homeowners have been dreaming of a pool for a long time. We consider it a privilege to be the one chosen to make that dream a reality.

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